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The Neubie: The Ultimate in Neuromuscular Re-education

Breaking Through San Diego Physical Therapy is excited to add the NEUBIE NeuFit System to our practice. This innovative technology uses a different approach to recovery, focusing on the nervous system to help patients recover from pain and injury. While conventional physical therapy practices have proven effective, the NEUBIE NeuFit System offers additional support, utilizing the nervous system to help expedite the healing process in a completely natural way. According to NeuFit their system is, “designed to help you achieve greater levels of neurological activation and control in order to heal faster, get fitter, and perform better.”

As one of the few Physical Therapy Center’s in Arizona to access the NEUBIE NeuFit, we are able to offer a unique service to patients in the Valley that is not offered at most other Physical Therapy centers in the region. The innovative technology is used to, “help the body become more efficient with its own processes. With the right signals, your body has the opportunity to heal itself from injury, build muscle, and create good health.” This technology is helping us provide an extra, all-natural rehabilitation service to our patients.

Reduce Pain and Heal Injury Faster

The NEUBIE NeuFit is based on neuromuscular re-education. Our nervous system controls every muscle movement and when an injury occurs it is important to incorporate the nervous system into the rehabilitation process. After an injury, it is common for simple movements to cause you pain, limiting your mobility, or negatively affecting your athletic performance. The NEUBIE NeuFit System may be able to help you with the following:

A Satisfied Client
  • Re-educate Muscles

  • Increase  Blood Flow

  • Improve Range of Motion

  • Prevent Atrophy

  • Decrease Spasms

  • Relieve or Manage Pain

Dr, Santiago

The Neubie Device

The NEUBIE, which stands for, “Neuro-Bio-Electric Stimulator,” device uses a unique type of direct current electrical stimulation as opposed to traditional electrical stimulation which uses alternating current. The NEUBIE is part of the NeuFit Treatment System, and the device itself is unique among electrical stimulation devices. Because of its neurophysiological effect of the waveform the device is able to harness the power of direct current to accelerate the physiological processes of healing and repair and have unique effects on the neuromuscular system (NeuFit).

  • Reduces overall healing time by 30-50%

  • Help manage chronic pain

  • Discover the root of the pain – aiding in quicker recovery and rehabilitation

Better Overall Performance

One of the best things about the NEUBIE is that one session utilizing the device works your muscles in the same way that several traditional exercises would. The system targets specific muscles and tissue to help expedite the recovery while reducing pain and increasing overall strength in the specific area. One of the best things about the NEUBIE is that the electrical activation techniques allow our team to assess where the pain originates which means we can start healing the specific area on your first visit.


What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Breaking Through Physical Therapy in Oceanside, CA...

Nelson H.

“I’ve been dealing with nerve symptoms/burning in my feet while standing and walking. I’ve seen many different types of doctors and holistic health care professionals. I had gotten a little bit of help along the way, but Dr S. by far really helped me move forward in my healing more than anyone i’ve seen. I’m no longer in the chronic state of pain, i’m able to function much better.” 

Roshan J.

“Santiago is a brilliant PT and this clinic is amazing. Clean and professional. I've never been to a clinic where I actually had one on one care from a PT. Check out the machine for strengthening with the tourniquet. I got a heck of a workout with light weights and without sending my arthritis into any pain.” 

Dr. Santiago

Get To Know Dr. Santiago Osorio

Dr. Santiago brings BreakingThrough to North County San Diego 8 years of experience in outpatient orthopedic medicine rehabilitation. He specializes in manual therapy for a multitude of diagnoses with emphasis on neck and back pain, chronic pain, joint replacement, and general rehabilitation. He completed his major in biology while at Ramapo College in Mahwah, NJ, and then went on to complete his doctorate in Physical Therapy at Rutgers University in NJ. He is board-certified in orthopedics and certified in Blood Flow Restriction Training, 3D MAPS, and Kinesio tape. 

Want Too Get Relief Faster

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