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Plantarfasciitis and heel spurs

The plantarfascia is a connective tissue that supports our foot structure. Think of a supporting arch of a bridge. The arch dissipate the load to the loading columns of the structure such as big cement or metal pillars. In our feet is our heel and ball of feet. It also functions as a binding agent to keep things together light metal brackets and ligament do in buildings and other joints, respectively. When the plantarfascia breaks, it starts dysfunctions such as it would cause it to a bridge. It also cause pain. Jobs or activities where the demand to the feet is high such as prolonged standing, and immediate treatment is important since we depend on our feet for all of our activities. This connective and supportive tissue connects from your calcaneous (heel) to your metatarsal joints (ball of feet), and any tear to it can create increased difficulty finishing any standing task. Prolonged re-tearing can cause the plantarfascia to thicken, and weakened and create the heel spurs, another painful and harder to treat condition. It occurs when the achilles tendon or plantarfascia pull constantly due to increased activity, weight, and repetitive re-healing of the connective tissue near the bone, and calcification of the plantarfascia or achilles tendon occurs creating the bone spur. 

Physical Therapy addresses it by strengthening other structures in the foot that will take the supporting function of the plantarfascia, stretching and mobilizing the gastrocsoleus muscle complex and fascia to decrease the pull, iontophoresis to decrease the inflammation locally, McConnell Taping and Kinesiotape, assess and correct faulty body mechanics that contribute to the inflammation of the injury sites.

ESWT is another safe and effective modality offered at Breaking Through  to treat Plantar fasciitis.  We can help. Call us here

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