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A stroke occurs when the body’s rich blood flow to the brain is interrupted, causing injury to the sensitive brain tissue. There are two major types of stroke: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke refers to a blockage in the artery caused by a blood clot, or a build-up of plaque or fatty deposits. The clot can form within the vessel that is blocked, known as cerebral thrombosis, or the clot can form in another part of the body such as the heart, then travel to the brain. This is called a cerebral embolism. This blockage limits the needed flow of oxygen and leads to the death of brain tissue. A hemorrhagic stroke refers to a blood vessel that breaks, leaking blood into the brain.

Depending on what impairments result from the stroke, Physical Therapy can focus on improving those impairments such as balance, weakness, or lack of coordination. Any of these or a combination of these can directly impact ambulation and the performance of your daily lives. At BreakingThrough San Diego Physical Therapy, we know how to improve weakness and poor balance better than anywhere else. Check us out! 


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