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low back pain and degenerative disc disease 

Although Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) can cause back pain, DDD is not necessarily the cause of all low back pain. Low or lower back pain can be caused by a multitude of problems. It can be a symptom of serious conditions such as cancer or aneurysm, or a simple muscle spasm. Physical Therapists are trained in differential diagnosis to determine if the low back pain can be treated by Physical Therapy or needs to be referred for immediate medical care. 


Physical Therapists follow algorithms based on research and the patient’s responses to provide different approaches. Modalities treatments like electrical stimulation, taping, cryotherapy with Game Ready or cold packs, and thermotherapy (moist hot packs) can minimize lower back pain. Spinal Traction, Manual Therapy, CORE strengthening, and others can aid in the correction of this impairment. At BreakingThrough we are confident that whatever is causing you the pain, we will take care of it. Book your appointment now.

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Dr. Santiago Osorio