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blood flow training

The Blood Flow Restriction training is done at our clinic with the Performance Tourniquet System by Delfi. Our training is certified by Owens Rehab Sciences. This technique was developed by the Army out of the necessity to save soldiers who lost limbs or after being medically discharged for failing. These soldiers needed to develop enough strength in their limbs after being salvaged from an explosion or trauma. The previous treatment was intolerable and painful, and the soldiers could not lift  80% 1 RM ( that is a lot of weight) pain-free or did not have enough muscle mass to move the limb properly to pass their fitness tests. After the application of BFR during their rehabilitation, soldiers started to be able to remain on active duty. After more research was done, the research found that BFR also releases a cascade of physiological responses that would help post procedures such as PRP, joint replacements, meniscus repair, and others. The conditions that decrease the weight-bearing or avoid stressing the tissue repaired can benefit from this treatment. See our video.

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Dr. Santiago Osorio