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Lactic Acid Production With Blood Flow Restriction Training

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Lactic Acid is a byproduct of the cells in our muscles when we use energy to produce a muscle contraction. This occurs when our muscle cells go through the Anaerobic Process to produce energy. During this process, muscle fibers start getting shut off, forcing them to use larger motor units to be recruited to produce movement. These larger, or fast twitch motor units are recruited when there is a lack of oxygen, and the body has to use glucose as its source of energy. Through stimulation of the group III and IV afferents' , alpha motor neurons are inhibited which further increases the recruitment of muscle fibers to maintain muscle contraction and prevent motor neuron conductivity. In a study by Sundber in 2014, increased iEMG activity was noted while the occlusion pressure was increased as it forced the body to use more muscle fibers. This shows a direct relationship between the use of the BFR, lactate levels and fast twitch fibers.

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