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Chronic Pain

How Pain Management Helps Patients With Chronic Pain

Patients who live with chronic pain find solace in pain management. A physical therapist is within the team of pain management, and we help our patients through mostly natural means of healing. There are different ways of helping people with various symptoms. We evaluate the situation and go from there to determine what will work best for each individual. For example, a person may come in with back pain. Some may find massage works, while others may need a heating or ice pack. If someone comes in with an injury like a sprained ankle, we will work with the patient according to the chronic pain level until the ankle is healed correctly. There is ice for the swelling, and as the swelling comes down, we have exercises that the patient can handle, and we continue to keep moving the ankle if it is not broken a little more each visit. A bit of weight each time is applied until the patient can put all of their weight on it. No medicine is used, only pain management.

Joint pain treatment and recovery can take some time. Unlike a typical injury, the joints take longer to heal. Even though the injury is healed, the pain can last for months. It depends on the person and if they follow the instructions. One of the hardest things for people is they want to get back to their usual way of life, further damaging and prolonging the recovery process. The reason it takes longer is because of the cartilage and ligaments that are continually moving. For some, it could be bone against bone. That takes even longer to heal and requires medical attention. 

If you need joint pain treatment that will get you results, try BreakingThrough and see what we can do for you!

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