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FAst recovery, no medication, and no surgery

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We are a family friendly physical therapy clinic, helping members of our community, feel better, live better, and maximize their life! 


We do this by offering positive rehabilitative services, where folks can experience decreased pain, more mobility and flexibility, and general ease in performing daily exercises and activities. 


Our talented team consists of Dr. Osorio and our front desk representatives, all working together to ensure all patients are being treated in the best possible manner. Dr. Osorio is a movement expert that uses research based treatments and cutting edge technology to correct acute or chronic conditions that cause pain, dysfunction and/or weakness.


Our goal is to help nurture a stronger North County Community, and even extend our scope of care to the whole San Diego Community. Experiencing the sessions for yourself will yield the greatest examples of our quality of care, our attention to details, and our main goal - to get you moving, happy and healthy. 


Show yourself self-love and schedule a session with Dr. Osorio today, at 760.696.3358, and experience the care, acquire the techniques, and dive deep into a journey of recovery. 

ARE YOU READY TO take the first step towards recovery?

If you're looking to make a shift and like to start the journey of BETTER HEALTH, then let's have a talk and get you started!


* Disclaimer: for existing patients, when booking online, please select Existing Client / Patient.

For patients seeking home visits, do not schedule here, please call the office.

 Feel Better, Live Better. Maximize Your Life 

Success stories from our dedicated patients

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Dr. Santiago Osorio