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sports injuries

(sprains, strains, soft tissue tears/lesions, overuse, joint pathologies, spinal dysfunction)

The term sports injuries encompass a great variety of conditions that result from the simple practice of a sport. That is it. These injuries come about due to wear and tear, and accidents. All sports include dynamic movement patterns in all planes of movement to achieve an objective in a defined period of time or score. Some of the most common joint injuries occur to the knee. The knee is one of the largest joint complexes that has the least amount of degrees of freedom making it more susceptible to injury due to its poor body mechanics. Some examples of how the knee can become injured are too much side bending (valgus or varus) when cutting while running or the infamous ACL and/or meniscus tear that we all have seen while watching competitive sports


At our family-friendly clinic, BreakingThrough, we treat sports injuries with state of the art equipment and precise exercises. One of the most important aspects of our treatments targets Neuromuscular reeducation which is the recovery from an injury due to poor body mechanics, poor muscle activation, impaired movement pattern, and others. We use techniques such as 3DMAPS (3D Movement Analysis & Performance System) that focus on retraining of the whole body following the natural movement pattern from their most basic to the most complex form where stability and mobility are balanced to achieve the desired outcomes. 


In cases where an individual is suffering from a recent or old sport’s injury, the treatment will most likely necessitate several approaches in addition to the ones mentioned above; such us, differential diagnosis, manual therapy, and blood flow restriction training. BreakingThrough invites you to make an appointment now with our movement specialists and doctors of Physical Therapy. Feel Better, Live Better. Maximize Your Life. 

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