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neubie (neuro-bio-electric)

The NEUBIE (short for Neuro-Bio-Electric) is a Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) device that uses a Direct Current electrical frequency via pads placed at areas targeted for rehab or training to stimulate muscle, tissue, and nerve activation, and increase blood flow. An NMES device elicits muscle contractions using electrical impulses delivered through electrode pads on the skin. It is used clinically for a variety of indications including musculoskeletal injuries. NMES works by delivering impulses to neuromuscular tissue to mimic action potentials from the central nervous system. These impulses communicate with sensory and motor neurons to activate contractile muscle fibers and 1a/1b afferents. (see image, taken from Carson, 20192).

The NEUBIE is FDA CLEARED for the following uses:

1. Maintaining or increasing range of motion

2. Increasing local blood circulation

3. Neuromuscular Re-education

4. Preventing atrophy

5. Reducing Spasms

6. Preventing venous thrombosis after surgery

7. Management or relief of chronic pain

8. Management of post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain

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