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BreakThrough San Diego Physical Therapy is a place where people come to feel better and live better. We want to ensure everyone during these trying times of COVID-19, we follow all the CDC Guidelines to keep everyone safe as we stay open to the public. These are the symptoms and physical issues we work on to get each individual better: POST OP ACL, rotator cuffs, hips, shoulders, ORIF, spinal fusion, osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, degenerative conditions, tendonitis, amputations, weakness from strokes, muscle loss, aging pains, balance, coordination, joint alignment and poor posture. There is so much more we do here for our patients in physical therapy. All the patient has to do is ask us, and we can assist with more information. The treatments we use here are the most efficient and effective. We do holistic treatments, custom-tailored treatments, and we work on getting the proper blood flow. Those are the main treatments, but we also have more we use.

Those who live in the San Diego, California area can look up a rehabilitation center near me, and they will find us. When they see us in the search engine spot, they can click on to our website and go from there. All the information will be at their fingertips. We tell people we are like a toolbox. One tool does not fix everything. That is why we have many tools to improve different physical problems. As a rehabilitation center near me in San Diego, we have treated many patients. Some of these give their testimony on our webpage. We have treated patients with nerve symptoms, which caused burning pains in their feet. We took the holistic treatment route, and this person in San Diego can move around better and is not in chronic pain anymore. In another patient, we used natural health and wellness to help with the neck and back area.

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