Caring hands? Take care of them

Have you heard of the phrase, “caring hands.” You probably had heard this phrase many times. Anywhere from the healthcare industry to the housing industry. Just google it.

However, they all mean the same thing: people working for the wellbeing of others. How they do it varies. But as human beings, we all use one particular body part: our hands. All activities that we do involve our hands. You can be a soccer player, and you still use your hands to point, change directions (balance and momentum), throw the ball. I think we all agree our hands are very important.

When was the last time you had a hand massage? Or did an exercise that strengthened your hands only? Or stretched your hand only?

For sure, you have done many of these things but in combination with other exercises. Although not a bad idea, it may not be all you need. So please take care of those “caring hands.” The most important part of taking care of your hands is to use the proper body mechanics for the activity you're doing. Most of the time this is in regards to the ergonomics of our work. Since we use our hands repetitively, it is important to use them properly.

Another aspect to consider is develop a maintenance plan for your hands depending on your job and activities. A guitarist needs exercises with less resistance than a welder or a chef. A painter does not need as much flexibility as a gymnast. And etcetera.

The hands are one of the most complex of our appendages. They have 27 bones and joints, 34 muscles, and over 100 ligaments and tendons. They also have many blood vessels nerve endings, specially a vast number of nerve endings required for enhanced sensitivity unlike the rest of our body (perhaps as much as the face only).

Don’t neglect them and give them the care they need. They are specialists of hands, and we can certainly help.

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