Pain Resolution

How Pain Resolution Sets Dr. Santiago Apart from the Rest of Physical Therapist

Dr. Santiago Osorio is the physical therapist and owner of BreakThrough San Diego Physical Therapy and has over eight years of experience in outpatient orthopedic medicine rehabilitation. Any type of physical pain Dr. Santi, as everyone calls him, treats after diagnosis with the utmost care and works to get his patients back to full movement. Pain resolution is his specialty, and he has also worked with active-duty members of the military and veterans. He worked at the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton for three years. Dr. Santi has done things no other doctor has done in California, such as dry needling. Dr. Santi also has a gift when it comes to pain resolution. His hands can spot areas where further medical treatment may be required. This sets Dr. Santi apart from everyone else in his field of physical therapy due to sensitive hands. For one lady, it saved her life because he spotted an early detection of cancer.

One of the issues most people face is lower back pain. There are multiple reasons to stir up lower back pain, but the most common are quick movements from the upward and downward positions or heavy lifting. Poor posture is also another cause of lower back pain. Many people who have this problem find it difficult to get over. The back is one of the supporting muscles that help us do almost everything from standing, sitting, walking, running, lifting, and much more. Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) is one of the causes of back pain. Though it is not the only reason, it is a symptom that needs to be looked into further. In situations where DDD is a factor, the person would have to seek medical care. A physical therapist is trained to know if physical therapy will work or if immediate medical attention is required.

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Dr. Santiago Osorio