Injury Recovery

How Long is the Healing Process for an Injury Recovery?

There is no set time for recovery because every individual is different. Many factors determine an approximate time limit for injury recovery. The first factor is how bad the injury was. If it is a severe injury, it could take weeks, if not months. If it was minor, it could take a couple of sessions, and the injury recovery would be short. Another factor could be the pain tolerance of the person. Some people cannot take a lot of pain. What may feel like a sting or a pinch to one person may feel like removing a piece of skin to another. The whole idea of physical therapy is for the individual to leave without the sensation of pain. There are some things after the injury is healed that the patient can continue to do at home. If they follow the instructions, the patient should have no problems in obtaining a full recovery.

Joint pain recovery can take some time. Unlike a typical injury, the joints take longer to heal. Even though the injury is healed, the pain can last for months. It depends on the person and if they follow the instructions. One of the hardest things for people is they want to get back to their usual way of life, further damaging and prolonging the recovery process. The reason it takes longer is because of the cartilage and ligaments that are continually moving. For some, it could be bone against bone. That takes even longer to heal and requires medical attention.

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